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Notes on disposable precision infusion set

Published Date:Feb.16.2018    Source:    Author:So and So Health  Viewed:1702

In the treatment of intravenous infusion, intravenous injection and intramuscular injection, there are many sources of particles, which bring potential harm to patients, sometimes even direct harm. It is unrealistic to completely eliminate the particles in infusion and injection from the perspective of strengthening hospital management, improving infusion and injection equipment and strengthening the standardized management of clinical operation. The significance of using the precise filter infusion set is to effectively intercept the harmful particles in the infusion liquid and purify the injected liquid. In this way, the potential harm or direct harm caused by the particles to the patients can be reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment. However, there are some matters need to pay attention to in the actual use of precision infusion set, the following will follow the small to understand!

Regulations and precautions of dark infusion:

1. Preparation of drugs

Select the required liquid and injection, wrap the liquid in a dark bag, disinfect the bottle mouth and injection, extract the liquid with correct method and inject it into the liquid bottle. When aspirating the needle water, the exposure to natural light should be minimized.

2. Operation of infusion

In the process of liquid drainage, the air should be exhausted in time and the infusion set should be sealed as soon as possible. Accurately infuse the patient with liquid and cover the exposed part with quilt or towel to prevent light leakage.

3. Patient preparation

Before the preparation of infusion, the patient explained to the patient that the purpose of avoiding light is to prevent the decomposition of the drug in the light, reduce the curative effect, so as to get the understanding of the patient and reduce the fear of the "black cloth".

4. Nursing in the process of infusion

In order to alleviate the patient's worry, the nurse visited the ward every 30 minutes to understand the patient's psychological dynamics, relieve the patient's psychological anxiety in time, observe the infusion situation at any time, give help in life, reduce psychological anxiety and enhance the confidence of dark transfusion.

5. End of infusion

Estimate the possible end time of infusion, timely and accurately change the fluid or pull out the infusion for the patient; instruct the patient to press the needle eye for a moment, which shows that the process of dark transfusion is the same as that of ordinary infusion, which can slow down the psychological pressure, restore the normal physical and mental state, and promote the early recovery.

In a word, the effect of precise filter infusion set on reducing transfusion reaction is significant, which can not only avoid the harm of particles to human body, but also avoid medical disputes caused by infusion reaction. It is worth promoting and applying, paying attention to the health of drops, and controlling the last pass of liquid medicine entering the human body. However, the above points need to be paid more attention to.

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