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Use and maintenance of infusion set

Published Date:Feb.15.2020    Source:    Author:So and So Health  Viewed:1074

Infusion set can be generally divided into two categories: one is infusion set, the other is micro syringe. Infusion set is mainly designed for patient infusion, it can accurately give liquid according to the needs; micro syringe is mainly used in unit time with less output or higher accuracy per unit time, which is the most suitable for micro infusion of drugs that are difficult to operate by hand. At present, it is widely used in the rescue and monitoring of critical patients, such as intravenous infusion, arterial infusion, peritoneal dialysis, contrast agent, anesthetic injection.

Use and maintenance of infusion set

The peristaltic infusion set should be matched with the infusion strip, and the feeding speed should be adjusted according to the need to start the operation. The syringe cylinder of micro syringe should be of the specified type. If the replacement syringe will cause the error of liquid injection per unit time, the feeding speed must also be adjusted. When using, pay special attention not to drop the liquid on the instrument. If it happens, it should be dried in time to prevent the liquid from entering the machine and causing machine failure. Also according to the instruction manual for the infusion set to carry out the measurement of various indicators, the most important is the accuracy test.

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