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Under what circumstances is it forbidden to use precision filter infusion set

Published Date:Jul.11.2019    Source:    Author:So and So Health  Viewed:852

Intravenous infusion through disposable infusion set is an indispensable and important method in clinical treatment. However, as early as 1930s, clinical use found that a variety of hazards occurred in the process of infusion, namely infusion reaction. The research results show that a large part of the clinical harm caused by infusion is caused by insoluble particles.

However, the filtration membrane of disposable infusion set can only filter particles with diameter greater than 5 μ m, and particles with diameter equal to or less than micron can not be filtered. Therefore, the demand for infusion set that can filter particles with diameter of 5 μ m and smaller emerges as the times require.

According to the regulations issued by the State Food and drug administration, the infusion set that can filter particles with a diameter of 5 μ m or smaller is called a precision filter infusion set.

The difference between the precision infusion set and the conventional infusion set before is that the 100 filtration diameter of the particles in the liquid should be small, which can reduce the side effects of infusion and reduce the possibility of transfusion reaction. There is no clear rule on what kind of liquid must be used. In general, it is recommended to use precision infusion set for liquids with strong irritation and easy transfusion reaction. For example, azithromycin, some Chinese patent medicine preparations (Danshen chuangongqin, shendanfu, etc.). But now many hospitals have eliminated the ordinary infusion device, all drugs are using precision infusion set. In fact, it is still due to the local conditions. The requirements of each place are different, and even the requirements of different departments in a hospital are not the same.

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